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We all know about those things we should do, or need to do, to maintain our home and keep it looking its best and sound for years to come.  These tasks are often put off or somehow end up at the bottom of our to do list despite their necessity.

Let us tackle these chores

Whether it’s antique or new, traditional or modern, all homes need maintaining. Caulking in baths and showers, HVAC air filters, winterizing piping, changing those hard to reach light bulbs…the list goes on forever. Handy Engineers LLC will complete these tasks so your home can continue to be in tip-top shape.


Baths, Kitchens, Plumbing

A leaky faucet or old toilet can waste a lot of time and energy for any residence owner, not to mention higher water bills. Leaks and clogs can often be a dirty job or source of woe for many a home owner. We can diagnose and repair these issues for you, often without having to replace the entire unit and saving you time and money.

Bathroom & Kitchen: upgrades and improvements

Who hasn’t walked through a hardware store, looked at a magazine or catalog, or watched those home improvement shows and imagined their dream bathroom or kitchen. The Handy Engineers sure crew has. We love helping our customers turn their dreams into reality. This can often be accomplished with a few simple upgrades, not a complete renovation. Cabinet hardware, a sink, shower head, toilet or vanity could have a big impact on how your kitchen or bath looks, feels and functions.


Start a project and find yourself in over your head? If someone says this hasn’t happened to them, they are probably lying. We can turn the project around and get it to the finish line. Handy Engineers are also your go to for those original or social media inspired projects that might seem out of reach.

“some assembly Required”

So the instructions to assemble that fancy new furniture your bought are in Swedish. Maybe you don’t want to see that jungle gym or playhouse come crashing down around your kids. Our skilled and experienced crew and have your project, and possibly your weekend, put together in no time.

Satisfying our creativity…or pinterests

We all have great ideas but executing on them can be where the challenge lies. Let us put our engineering minds to work and help you get your projects from picture or napkin scribble to reality. Material estimation and procurement, assembly and installation all ways we can help 2-D become 3-D.

Installations And Repairs

Nothing lasts forever. Things break, accidents happen or sometimes we just want something newer or better. Handy Engineers LLC is dedicated to getting the job done right, and in the most cost effective manner for each of our customers. Regardless of budget, we will find the best solution without cutting corners.

Fix it Right

Boards on the deck coming loose? Kids get a little too rowdy and put a hole in the wall? Fence latch not staying shut? Previous installation not as sound as you thought? We can fix it and fix it right. When something can’t be repaired, we work with our customers to find and installed the correct replacement for them.

Make it newer, better, faster than it ever was before

Tired of opening the garage by hand every time? Need new shelves to organize and display all your cool stuff? Maybe it’s just time to replace that built in microwave that sounds like it may take off into a low earth orbit. Don’t forget the dreaded TV wall mount. We got your back and the skills to get it done, often with literal laser precision.


In our modern age, electricity and electric devices have taken over and impact many facets of our life at work and home. From the strictly functional to modern conveniences and adding aesthetics and comfort to your home, our crew has the repair or upgrade for you. Safety and security is always our upmost concern.

FIXTURES, Outlets, Switches & Dimmers

Light fixtures and ceiling fans are one of our specialties. These small upgrades are a great way to save energy as well as change the look and feel of your home. Switches and dimmers are another great way to set mood and save energy. Changing your outlets, switches, dimmers and other controls are a cost effective way to make your home feel more modern and functional. Options are available for practically any decor or style.

SMart home solutions

Wouldn’t it be nice to change the temperature of your house without getting out of bed? How about setting the mood with lights minus all of the sliding or turning a dozen different dimmer knobs? Maybe seeing who is at the door without getting off the couch or while you’re at work? Technology is evolving all of the time. In recent years, many products have been released to make our homes as easy to control as just “ask, and you shall receive”. With so many of these products flooding the market everyday, it can sometimes feel like the Wild West. What is the best solution for you, your home and your budget? Handy Engineers can figure that all out and have it installed and working in no time. Now the Jones’s are keeping up with you.